Thursday, 26 September 2013

Is postloop legit?

 Is postloop legit?

For those who are not familiar with the term postloop, let me introduce you all with the revolutionary site which pays you for your comment and new thread you open.

Going into deep, post loop is a platform which consists of various forums. Postloop pays you and postloop is legit. They pay your for  work and don’t take much time to transfer your fund into your PayPal account.
I have decided to write about this site when I received my first payment without any hurdle. Many of you try to find the answer “Is postloop legit”, the answer is yes, postloop is a genuine site and not a scam.

Why do they pay us?

The first question which might be asked by many of you is how does postloop pays us and what they earn? Postloop sells points to the forum owner who are registered with postloop and the forum owner gives you points in return for your thread and comments which you do on their topic.
This way postloop earns a lot of margin and benefits everyone.

How much will I earn?

Hmmm, that might be the wise question to ask. Initially you earn approx “1 point” for every comment or I can say that depends upon your rating which you receive. Now what the rating is? The rating you receive is dependent upon the quality post you make. The way you work same they pay to you.

How to join postloop?

Joining postloop is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to clear a simple test by answering 10 questions that relates to your interest and asked by the administrator and your answer is totally open and can be altered any time.

Any tips?

Make sure to clear the test at once because if you fail, they will block your IP forever and you will be banned permanently with the same IP.
So all you need to do is to make quality answer specially at the first stage. You should focus of the length of the post; make it as long as possible just to show your knowledge and interest.

Where should I login to get started?

Just go to the link and sign up. (I will receive reward if you join through my referral link else you can join directly)
Once you logged in open  this is your exam hall.
You will post your 10 answer among those several choices made there and there you go, you receive rating based upon the post you made. After you receive rating then the all you need to go to the first link and join forum as many as you can and starts commenting and earning points.

When can I redeem points?

Once you reach 100 points you can go redeem your fund directly into your PayPal account.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy4 will be launched in india on 26th april so the wait is finally over however the price is still a mystry but it is expected that the price will hook up in between 40000 to 45000 As we all know samsung has already established its goodwill by providing swrvices to different users of mobile phone  by launching different models.
Its most success series in smart phones are Galaxy S series.
After a grand success of Galaxy S III it is about to launch its next most amazing and updated version GS4 which will give its user an experience which is neither imagined nor ever expected features.
However some of its features will be proved to be benefitial for advance smartphone users. And using that technology isn’t as
simple and
could be downright overwhelming
to a novice smartphone user.
Its hardware features includes
A5 inch 440ppi 1080p super amoled display which will give its user a HD experience which is not really experienced before.
It will bring up on obviously andoid's latest version 4.4.2.
It will have all other features as seen in SIII however, really using that technology isn’t as
simple as you might think, and
could be downright overwhelming
to a novice smartphone user its other hardware features includes Accelerometer, RGB, Light Geomagnetic proximity, Tempreature and humidity and gesture sensor, Gyro etc.
Apart from its above mentioned features there is a very unique feature added in this version call Air feature. You can wave fingers to hang up calls, swipe etc.
This is the most amazing features in Samsung Galaxy S4. However this feature is limited to certain applocation only.
So it can be said that Samsung Galaxy S4 is worth money as it can entertain you as much as you can not expect.

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